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November Monthly Favourites

novembermonthlyfavouritesIn the blink of an eye and the snap of a finger, November disappeared just like that and I know I am not the only one who thought that too. Can’t believe we are in our final month of 2016 but I can truly say that I am excited for the year to end, 2016 has been a roller coaster, but, a good one at that!

I’ve dipped into a lot of new goodies within the last couple of months / month and I thought I’d take advantage of sharing these great products with a monthly favourites post. Stay chic meninas.

img_1350L’Oreal True Match Foundation: W2 Light Ivory
No word of a lie, I discovered this product in high school and religiously used it for years. As many women do, we bounce around different foundations to see if our hidden holy grail is out there. I started using L’Oreal true match foundation within the last couple of months because I noticed that my skin started changing as the temperature got colder, and I am so thankful to have it back in my makeup collection. It is a bit pricey for a drug store foundation but a little goes a long way. I find that they carry an array of colour selection that can truly match your skin tone. It is a liquid foundation but it is not heavy and does not sport a strong scent at all. What I love the most about this foundation is that it feels light upon application so you can build it up pending on how much coverage you are looking to achieve.

img_1351Jordane Cosmetics: Peachy Keen Blush
I was excited when I grabbed this product at IMATS this year because I knew instantly that I wasn’t going to just use this as a blush. With most of my bronzers and blushes, I tend to give them a duo purpose and use them as eye shadows as well. As peach is the new neutral, I knew this was a must have. The product itself is pigmented, has a shimmer to it and has a lovely velvet feel to it.

img_1353Overnight Intensive Oil Repair + French Pink Clay Facial Scrub
I will discuss more in depth in my upcoming updated skincare routine how amazing these products are. Not only are they a Toronto based company but their products are filled with benefits that my skin has personally been loving. The Oil I use at least once a day, usually before bed and I use the facial scrub 3-4 times a week as it is not harsh. Stay tuned for more on these two products!

img_1354Royal and Langnickle Concealer Brush
I was complaining to Aggie about my makeup problems (what else is knew) and that I couldn’t find a perfect concealer brush to apply product under my eye. During our IMATS trip she picked out this beauty for me. It was only $5.00 and the best $5.00 I have ever spent in a while. Although it is a synthetic brush, the hairs are soft and don’t soak up product. The product you apply to this brush, evenly distributes onto your skin without leaving streaks.

Pink Fresh and Clean Body Mist
There is nothing I enjoy more than a soft mist or perfume smell. This mist from Pink is exactly what its name says, fresh and clean. It has a subtle smell but its notes of apple and lily really do burst through. A great item to have in your purse or gym bag.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss: Toasted Marshmallow + Stilla Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick: Patina
I have been loving these two colours for the Fall and I know they will be staples when Winter rolls around. The NYX Butter Gloss has a stickier consistency but is extremely pigmented and has a gorgeous gloss that really intensifies your lips. I cannot say enough about the Stilla liquid lipstick. The formula is creamy and different from what you would expect from a liquid lipstick. It does not crack, isn’t dry and will last all day.

img_1357Maybelline Facestudio Master Conceal: 20 Light
This is probably one of the best full coverage liquid concealers that I have used in a very long time. My under eye area tends to get dark or purple and this product hides it perfectly. The formula is hydrating so it does not give you a cakey look underneath your eyes or wherever you are hiding your blemishes.

img_1358Anastasia Beverly Hills: Illuminator Peach Nectar
This gorgeous illuminator can be used for both daytime and nighttime looks and for…you guessed it, an eye shadow ha. It is a great highlighter that instantly brightens your face and goes on smooth so it doesn’t leave blotchy noticeable patches on your face. I love the peach undertones and gold shimmer.

Hopefully I will test out more products in the month of December that I’ll be able to share in the new year. I am so happy that every now and then I find products that I genuinely adore and have the opportunity to share with you gals. Any products that you are loving and would want to recommend? Let us know!

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My Annual Beauty Costs

Last week I came across a very interesting article. It featured four women who revealed how much they spend a year on their “beauty routine”. I had to re-read the article twice, because I couldn’t believe the amount of money they spent on their beauty regime. All of them had a hefty bill and some even ranged over $19,000. Yes, no joke. Check it out yourselves here.

This included hair, make-up, spa treatments, nails, skincare, fitness, you name it. They covered every crevice of the earth. I thought to myself- can this be true? Are we really dipping that much into our bank account to look and feel great? I 100% know that I am nowhere near spending that kind of dough a year on my beauty regime because, well, until I make 6 figures a year, that is not an option. I decided this would be an interesting task to take on and tallied up how much I spend a year on my beauty routine. Let’s just say, I was shocked to say the least. Things really do add up.

What? Nails
Type? Shellac Manicure
Cost Per Visit? $30-40 (depends if I get designs or do a full manicure)
Once a month
Annual Cost? $480

Type? Pedicure
Cost Per Visit? $45
Frequency? Every 3 months
Annual Cost? $180.00


What? Hair
Type? Cut, Colour, Wash and Style
Cost Per Visit? $80
Frequency? Every 2 months
Annual Cost? $480

Type? Blowout
Cost Per Visit? $50
Frequency? Twice a year
Annual Cost? $100


Massage Therapy
Type? Relaxation massage
Cost Per Visit? $40-80
Frequency? Varies
Annual Cost? $500

What? Spa
Type? Facial
Cost Per Visit? $60
Frequency? Varies
Annual Cost? $180



What? Eyebrows
Type? Threading
Cost Per Visit? $7
Frequency? Every 3 weeks
Annual Cost? $120

What? Upper Lip
Type? Waxing
Cost Per Visit? $5
Frequency? Every 3 weeks
Annual Cost? $85

What? Sugaring / Shaving / Nair
Type? Bikini, Legs, Arms
Cost Per Visit? Varies- also includes at home services
Frequency? Varies
Annual Cost? $300

What? Martial Arts
Type? Taekwondo
Cost Per Visit? Monthly Fee
Frequency? Two – three times a week
Annual Cost? $1150

What? Personal Training
Type? One on One
Cost Per Visit? $40
Frequency? Twice a week
Annual Cost? $3840



At first, I didn’t want to be so transparent about how much I spend on what I do. But…who cares? I do what I do to make myself feel great and look good. I’m not ashamed. I don’t need to justify why I do what I do or spend what I spend. I like to live an active lifestyle, I like to look crisp and fresh whenever I can. I want to age gracefully and that usually comes with taking care of yourself.


So ladies, if you ever have the time to calculate how much you spend a year, let us know! We’d love to compare notes.

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NYX Lip Cream / Gloss Review

NYX_GLOSS_REVIEWI think it is safe to say that Aggie has officially earned herself the title as “Queen of Makeup Giving”. For Christmas she recently gifted me a bunch of NYX lip glosses among other fabulous items and I thought they would be some great products to review.

I’ve been a fan of NYX lip creams and glosses and since they recently opened their first free standing store in Mississauga- we now have the opportunity to get our hands on more NYX goodies- woohoo!

NYX_GLOSS_SWATCHESMilan is the only product that has a matte finish as it is the only product that is a lip cream, the rest are intense lip glosses which have an obvious gloss finish.


Milan_lipcreamFirst on our list is the gorgeous Milan lip cream. It is such a soft subtle pink. I love the finish and formula. They are not dry or sticky. The formula and texture in my opinion are just perfect as they are extremely moisturizing for a matte lip cream. It is more pink than brown compared to what it looks like on the tube.

FunnelDelightA gorgeous vibrant pink, the intense butter gloss in funnel delight is truly what it’s name claims to be- intense and a delight. These glosses are really a two in one. The colour pay off is beyond any gloss I have ever worn and there is absolutely no need for additional gloss. I foresee this being one of my favourite summer glosses 😉

Toasted MarshmallowIn love with this GORGEOUS colour, toasted marshmallow. It will work well with almost all skin tones and is a great fall/winter and night time colour. Again, product is moisturizing, pigmented and isn’t sticky (a huge PLUS for us). The only downside is that I find it bleeds a bit.

BlackCherryTartIt look a lot for us to get the colour to look the way it does in this photo. As you can tell, it almost looks like a glossy mess on my lips. Upon first and even second application- it looks streaky. You need to apply multiple coats in order to get the full intense colour. I love vampy looks so I will be reaching for this in the future- it just won’t be my first pick. I love the colour though and next time I’ll also use a lip liner as this bleeds. Perhaps that will help the application in the future.

So ladies, that’s our mini review on our new NYX Gloss / Lip Cream reviews. Are you ladies fans of NYX products? Any suggestions you can make? Have you tried any of these four? Thoughts? We’d love to hear from you.

Stay chic meninas, xo


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Are You Doing This: Before Bed

I may be a creature who enjoys timelines, organization and routine, but it’s not always the case. I like to “live a little” outside of the four corners but I still feel there is value and tons of benefits when it comes to routines and/or just simple to do’s.

Today we share a new series called “AreYou Doing This?” . We’ll start with the best one of all, before bed! Enjoy ladies, let us know what your night time routine is.

OUTFITPicking Your Outfit
“I have nothing to wear” can quickly turn into a morning irritation and waste time. Pick your outfit the night before and have it laying out / hung up looking all nice and pretty. Not only does it get you excited to wear your outfit BUT it saves time and can turn a potential bad morning into a good one!

Meal Prep
I always find that creating a short term meal plan is perfect for anyone with a fixed weekly schedule. It relieves stress and time in the morning  I like to plan only a couple of days out. For example, on Sunday I will make lunch for Monday-Tuesday , maybe Wednesday. Then on Tuesday I will prep for the remainder of the work week.

Breakfast I make in the morning quickly  but lunch is already ready to go at least a day or two in advance.

ROUTINEGetting Clean and Fresh
I had a friend once tell me that she skips the night time routine as she just wants to relax and go to bed. Although it may seem tempting to star fish on the couch for a good hour or two, try to squeeze in a night time routine. Mine will consist of either a bath or shower (varies based on if I am washing my hair or not), a quick face wash/scrub and brush my teeth. You should be cleaning your face from all the dirt and makeup accumulated from the whole day and of course oral hygiene is a must. Seems basic but you’d be surprised how many people skip this.

Set Goals and Reflect
Reflect on your day. Was it good? Was it bad? Think about what you would have done differently or why you had a bad day. Think of how it was a good day and keep doing it. I also like to set an intention for the next day. “Tomorrow I will…..” and I set an intention on something I want to accomplish the next day. Sometimes it’s personal. Sometimes it’s work related. Sometimes it’s both.

UNWINDRelax and Unwind
This week on the blog we discussed tips on how to unwind and deal with stress. Very important that you do this. Whether it’s watching your favourite show, reading a book / magazine, or doing a puzzle. Whatever keeps you calm, relaxed and happy.

Keep The Bed For “Sleeping”
Okay- aside from something else we can think of, keep the bed for sleeping. I suffered from insomnia at a very young age and it dragged on for many years. A tip that I learned was to keep the bed for sleeping. Don’t read, watch TV, use the laptop and so on while in bed. Studies prove that our minds can translate these habits and turn the bed from a place of rest to a place where of “doing something” . This will then lead to restless nights as our minds are wondering “why aren’t we doing something”.

Thanks for checking out the blogs chic meninas. The rest of this series will include a “Are you doing this: in the morning, during the day”.

I’m wishing you all a fabulous weekend and we’ll be back next week.

Stay Chic

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December Monthly Favourites

Happy New Years chic meninas! It’s been a whole 9 months since we posted a monthly favourites segment. To be honest, I use pretty much my “favourite” items until it hits pan or I need to scoop out product myself. I secretly fear purchasing products that I won’t “love” and then they waste away in my drawer. I wish I had more of a compulsive bone in me when it came to purchasing beauty products- but slowly- I am trying to make the effort. Perhaps this is a good habit to have for my wallet?  It’s funny though that all my introductions to my monthly favourites has the “I barely test products disclaimer”. Hehe. We are who we are!

IMG_8009In my last favourites segment, I was raving over the Evian mineral spray. I went to shopper’s as I ran out and they didn’t carry the Evian brand at that location so I opted for the Vichy Thermal SPA Water. I’m so glad that I chose this product. There is really no wrong with Vichy products in my opinion. You get more product for the price and it’s loaded with minerals and antioxidants to help protect and nourish your skin. I apply this even when I have no makeup or need a quick refreshing spritz.

IMG_8010You may recognize this bad boy from my IMATS haul. I was in desperate need in finding a great smelling, gentle brush cleaning formula that would do the job without much effort. Beauty so clean Wipeout Brush Cleaner smells great- check and a little goes a long way. I do not spray product on my brush and wipe, instead I add product to a bowl and swirl. I find that my method helps remove more product from the brushes and gets them cleaner. The bristles feel so soft after and the drying time is literally cut in half compared to water  + soap. The only down fall I’d say with this product is that it soaks up a lot of product so if you have lots of brushes that you are frequently cleaning- you’ll find yourself repurchasing this product rather quickly.

IMG_8011As I’ve repeated like a broken record- you cannot go wrong with Vichy products. I find myself purchasing a lot of their Aqualia Thermal products simply because I feel that my face needs constant hydration, especially during the winter months. My bottle looks different as I purchased this at a warehouse sale, but regardless, the Aqualia Thermal Serum is life. I’m almost done this bottle and I’ve used it religiously for over 6 months. It’s perfect for all skin types, paraben free and lightweight. There is no stickiness, oiliness or residue! I find it cures my dryness and helps illuminate the skin.


IMG_8012This is the simple version of the Award Winning Blusher Brush No. 02 from Sonia Kashuk. Once upon a time- when target was around in Canada for a whole 24 hours, I purchased this brush on a recommendation from Aggie. I haven’t looked back since. It has a unique handle which grips perfect with how someone would naturally hold a brush. It’s $20 but it does a fantastic job of applying product to skin and not just storing it in the bristles – which is a pet peeve of mine. It’s made of 100% goat hair and it doesn’t shed. This is an investment if you are looking for a brush to last you years! Side note: This brush is super soft, if you find yourself just brushing it across your face for no reason- you aren’t alone 😉


Another beauty from my IMATS haul, the Royal Langnickle S.I.L.K Pro Synthetic Bronzer Brush (#BC141). This brush has a flat head and is perfect for multi use – foundation, bronzer, you name it. I personally use it for finishing powder as I find it does an excellent job distributing and setting product. It’s 100% Vegan for those of you whom are interested in vegan products and is extremely soft for a synthetic brush. I also haven’t experienced any shedding – another plus! It’s durable and easy to carry around for travel.

IMG_8020 IMG_8017You may remember this cutie from my Summer Makeup Roundup. See, I told you I am a faithful loyal user to my favourite products– haha!  I mentioned in my Summer Makeup Roundup that this would be a great colour to use for the fall/winter and I was right!  It’s romantic and a perfect pop of colour. It compliments many of my looks which makes it easy to reach for on a daily basis. Inexpensive and good quality. Essence’s number 07, natural beauty…pick her up at your local shopper’s drug mart!

IMG_8018 IMG_8019

I got this bad boy in a kit and I have been reaching for it as my go to mascara ever since. Welcome the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. This product has a unique brush but I find it helps with applying the mascara evenly. It doesn’t flake or create clumps in the lashes. The plus for me is that it is easy to wash off. Nothing worst than having to pull mascara off your lashes- ouch!


Definitely Defined Extra Dimension Skinfinish by M.A.C has been one of my favourites to highlight my face lately. I have a fair complexion so a little goes a long way for me. I am generous when applying as I find the consistency can emphasize pores- a natural outcome with most highlighters or blushes. The downside to M.A.C is that a lot of their products are limited edition which can become irritating once you start loving a product. It has a gorgeous champagne / gold like sheen and adds a perfect glow for the winter season. I love how they separated the colours to provide you with the option of swirling the two colours together or opting for either or.


My last favourite would have to be the Smooth operator Amazonian clay tinted pressed finishing powder by Tarte cosmetics in the colour fair. Try to say these long names in one breath- woof. Anyways, this product is great if you are looking for light coverage and want to use it alone. I use it as a finishing powder and it does wonders for me. It’s lightweight, soft and doesn’t dry out my skin. It doesn’t cake or sit in creases which is a plus.

Thanks as always for checking us out here on the blog. We got our mojo back and made it a goal to dedicate more time to the blog. Lots of great posts coming your way.

As always, stay chic meninas.



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