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My Biggest Lesson of 2016

Ola chic meninas! It’s day 2 of 2017 and most of us are getting ourselves back into our normal routines or trying out new ones that incorporate new resolutions or easing off old bad habits. Anytime a new year rolls around, I like to reflect back on the previous year and make some notes. I tend to reflect on my biggest successes, lessons and so forth. Today I decided to share with you, my biggest lesson of 2016.

Ever since I could remember, I have been a creative soul. Once I started experimenting and putting my passion to work, I slowly started providing print services to family, friends and that turned into strangers who would randomly contact me – yay for organic customers! If you browse our instagram account, you’ll see that lately we have been extremely active.

Anyways, I always had a tough time charging people for my services though. I would probably ask 5+ people “is this too much to charge?” , “is this worth it?” and 98% of the time I was told that I am “undercharging” or that the pricing was spot on. I remember once my cousin told me, Amanda, you’re only making $10.00 on this, what the hell is wrong with you! Ha, to go back in time…the things we would change.
It seemed that every price point needed justification, validation and a shit ton of research. Which, in all fairness isn’t always a bad thing.

You research a cost to see how much your competitors are charging. You justify it by the quality, labour and time it takes to create and design. You validate it because you just want a second, third and in my case a 5th opinion just to make sure. But when does that whole vicious cycle of self doubt end? Does it ever?

In 2016, the biggest lesson I learned was that it’s OK to put a price point on your work and NOT feel guilty about it. This goes for everything though. A small business owner, a personal trainer, a blogger…the list goes on. Time is money and our time is valuable.

The problem I constantly faced (and sometimes still do) was understanding that my PASSION and something that I enjoyed doing for fun and as a hobby is now a service and a product that I am providing to somebody else.

In 2017, I decided that I am no longer going to hold back and be afraid of putting a price tag on my work. Not everything is for everyone and if someone does not see value in what I am providing them at the price I am offering, that’s fine.

Wishing you all a fabulous New Year, may everything that you wish for come to you with grace. May be you be challenged, strive and grow in 2017. We cannot wait to see what the year has in store for us, a lot happens in a year!

Stay chic meninas, xo.

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We Love Copper

Within the last year and a bit, I’ve been leaning towards industrial metal chic pieces- who hasn’t? I remember when I was a wee little girl and seeing my mom use copper sauce pans to warm up milk for hot chocolates or use copper tins as planters to set on the window ledge. I always thought they were beautiful and it may due to my obsession with rose gold. If you really think about it, copper and rose gold look like sisters.

I think we’ve all been enjoying the fuss over metals and it’s true rustic form. Something about it makes a home feel real and less cookie cutter. It adds personality and a strong one at that. Today I share some of my favourite chic copper pieces that I think any home can benefit from.


So chic meninas, what’s your favourite metal to decorate the house with? Are you opposed to this trend and pass on the idea? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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The Butterfly Ball Gala 2015

Friday August 21st was a big day for my organization. My co-partner and I held our first gala, The Butterfly Ball at the Oasis Convention Centre, in Mississauga. For those of you who are unaware. Last August, Leanne and I partnered and co-founded the Fluttering Fighters. Our not-for-profit organization focuses on executing fundraising initiatives to raise monetary funds for Thyroid Cancer Canada.

A year of planning and our dream gala finally came to life. With the help of Glaze & John Events, we were able to host an evening where guests joined for mutual support. We raised awareness, monetary funds and educated our guests on thyroid cancer and disease. Below are some photos of the evening and details of the event. Thank you all once again for your continued support.

All photos, were taken by the lovely Tas, owner of Chuckleberry Photography.


A big thank you to our wonderful sponsor, The Flower Company for putting together this gorgeous arrangement for us. How beautiful does this look? Perfect for our theme.

Want to see additional photos of our event? Use the hashtag #BBGala2015 on social media.

11954745_1021425024555402_5557139789294692117_n 11950260_1021417837889454_7027657910596170350_o 11891457_1021423541222217_4246732841090687966_o 11899799_1021420897889148_8302655335752317516_n 11896185_1021422627888975_251630769105794769_n 11873702_1021419627889275_2774539749392170605_n 11888085_1021422771222294_6941301246805413671_n
Just a fraction of our guests enjoying the Butterfly Ball Gala. Thank you Event Graffiti for the amazing photo back drop- what a hit!

Our Fluttering Fighters logo in vinyl made to mimic a path leading to our hall entrance! Thanks once again Event Graffiti.

11882625_1021414774556427_5954502539406642449_o 11893834_1021414811223090_6355965496748926673_o 11896267_1021415527889685_8307646264233370882_o
Gorgeous custom made treats for our event. How talented are the gals at Sweet Philosophy? If you are looking to reserve sweets for your event, book early!

11905802_1021429044555000_557393641326140682_n 11875124_1021414074556497_5426067980175758679_o
Our wonderful entertainment for the night. Our saving grace, my dear friend Diego- DJ. A big thank you to Peter from Bongo and B for accommodating us and being such a great asset to our evening. We had a great time. Truly spectacular.

11907138_1021428291221742_6476612381593155594_n 11883992_1021432307888007_1664540698828801449_o
Thank you once again. Until next year!


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Up Up and Away Baby Shower Theme

My Goddaughter is expected to arrive in less than a month! I am so excited being a first time auntie and God mommy. My sissy is a first time mom and this is all just a bunch of first times for all of us! Mel and I have similar visions and we weren’t very keen on having a very gender centric shower. We knew straight away that we didn’t want too much PINK, although I love the colour pink, it wasn’t something we were leaning towards. We wanted something more playful and unique. We started planning as soon as we had a shower date confirmed and below is how our vision came to life. We’d like to thank Pinterest and our family for all their help in executing this event :p !

Theme: Up Up and Away

Theme colours: Shades of coral, mints and gold
Here is the invitation, information card and thank you labels that I designed for the shower. I blocked out personal information from the invitations for privacy purposes :).

Many ladies are doing books instead of cards for their baby showers, so we included a small information card with the invitations. I think it’s a great way to build a book collection for the little one!

The thank you labels we created on sticker paper and pealed and placed them on top of the nutella jar favours.


Thank you favours: Melaney has been craving Nutella and Nina loves it just as much! We decided it would be a cute idea to tie in one of Mel’s cravings as a thank you favour for our guests. Who doesn’t love a delicious jar of Nutella? We added a cute little white and mint skirt and a gold spoon as an added “wow factor” for the favour piece. The Thank you labels were placed on the top.
11813501_10203844531627614_3408944709305925860_n 11825923_10203844531227604_2963972171610637017_n

Center pieces: We knew we wanted to incorporate the Up Up and Away theme significantly through the centre pieces. So we decided, with a little help from Pinterest to do a “hot air balloon” centre piece. It was rather simple to assemble. We used square vases from the dollar store and wrapped them in burlap material. We added some floral foam to help preserve the flowers and made arrangements with white, coral and orange flowers. We then took different colours of ribbon and glued them on opposite sides of the vase. In order to cut costs and to make the centre piece more firm, we spray painted balloon sticks and just blew up the balloons normally instead of using helium. We alternated between a pink coral and a peach colour balloon to add variation in colour.

11242434_10203844033735167_5281666688809058343_n 11855838_10203845165483460_2607079341295062915_n

Guestbook: We wanted to incorporate our theme and a unique twist on the guestbook so we decided to get guests to sign a Dr. Seuss book titled “Oh the places you’ll go”. We asked guests to not only sign their names but to leave a wish for Nina. A cute keepsake that Mel can read on her own and Nina can look back on when she is older.


Garlands and Banners: I made a couple of different garlands for the baby shower. A hot air balloon garland, a glitter circle ribbon garland and a tassel garland. I also made a banner that fit the theme and colour of our the baby shower. Below is a glimpse of the entrance table that had some games, the hot air balloon garland and the banner in the background.



Additional fun:  When I went to my friend Erin’s daughter’s 2nd birthday, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the chalk board piece she had at the event. I think it’s a creative way to get to know the guest, display information and get creative. So, I knew I had to make one for Mel’s shower. We included due dates, how far long Mel is, cravings and more. People loved it and it added such a bright feel to the shower.

I also love taking themes to the next level and with the help of my trusted Oksana and the prima’s we put together a beautiful photo booth for the shower. We designed props and a cloud back drop that was up against some brown paper. I thought the brown paper was cute because it tied in with the burlap and browns we had throughout the shower. People loved it and really got use out of it!




Hope you all have a fabulous day and remember that all stationary products are available for purchase. E-mail us at info@amodachic.com to place your orders. Tons of themes and colours to pick from and create!



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8 Ways to Spice Up Your Headboard

When I decided to take on the challenge of renovating my bedroom a year ago, I knew for certain two things. 1. I desperately needed a paint job 2. I need to find a unique twist on a headboard. Luckily, I was successful in accomplishing both. What I love about getting creative with a headboard is that we can change it whenever we please and it will feel as though the room gets a facelift. Below are some unique ways on how you can spice up your headboard. Enjoy : )

Fabric Piece

I used a fabric piece as a headboard to add some boldness to my room. You can drape any print or solid fabric piece and at any height, I just chose to do it close to the ceiling to give off the impression that my ceilings are higher.

Modernist Durban Home | House and Leisure
This is a creative way to spice up the bedroom. A mirror will create an illusion that your bedroom is much larger than what it really is. I’d prefer a vintage piece and ensure that it is properly secured and mounted.

Oversize Painting
Oliver Gal "Dramatic Entrance Night" Canvas Art on HauteLook

A great way to add colour if you or create a  focal point.

Wall of Frames
Perfect for the uppers of the guest room!

Many will opt using a wall of frames on a bare space in order to fill the room up, I find that it’s a great way to add emphasis to the bed which is usually the focal point of a bedroom. It’s also an inexpensive alternative and easy to change. You can use family photos or prints.

7 Easy DIY Projects to Refresh Your Bedroom This Weekend: Paint yourself a headboard quickly!
Feeling confident with your painting skills? Paint a square that frames your bed to give it a headboard like feel. You can be more adventures and select a paint or spray with a matte finish to add some texture or opt for a design pattern such as stripes.


This year has been centered around earthy, nature like spaces and prints. A lot of green, floral prints are being used in the home and in fashion. The bamboo will not only add an earthy element but can help create a more calm and settle space.


Wood Panels
Homedit - interior design and architecture inspiration
Looking to achieve a warm rustic look for the bedroom? Try a DIY  wooden panel headboard. It’s perfect if you are looking to add warmth to your space!

So ladies and gents, what do you prefer when it comes to headboards? Do you stick to the basic


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