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Gifts for the Hostess: The Foodie

Ola chic meninas! I was super excited to get this post together quickly but it was a lot more challenging than I expected. As a self proclaimed foodie, I live for anything and everything related to food. So narrowing down some gift ideas to only a handful felt like I was asked to pick between chocolate and crab dip. I was finally content with the unique options that I picked and I’m sure your foodie hostess will be too!



Why these gifts work:

I fell in love with the idea of gifting salt tubes when I came across these collections from The Spice LabΒ and without hesitation knew this would be a great gift option. This is the perfect gift for a true foodie who loves to get down in the kitchen and experiment – also, how cute of a counter piece would they be?

I feel as though you can never go wrong with jams or jellies. During the holiday season, many local jam companies do cute gift sets with different flavours (some seasonal) and sizes of jams and jellies. It’s a perfect gift that your foodie can indulge in during breakfast or when whipping up a snack.

I know you may be thinking I have lost all of my marbles with putting gelato and ice cream on the list but hear me out! As a foodie, who wouldn’t want a delicious treat that they can snack on or pile on top of some warm pie or cake? Google some local gourmet brands near you, the packaging is more chic and they are more creative with flavour combinations, caramel and bacon bits? Your foodie will drool at the site of this gift. Tip: Can’t find a good brand at your grocery store? Stop by your all season gelato or ice cream parlours, most of them have their flavours available to take home.

I love when gifts act as two in ones. A beautiful herb plant not only will add some freshness to meals your foodie will create but it adds some greenery to their space. I personally would gift a basil or mint herb plant and throw it into a gorgeous clay pot. These two herbs are the most versatile in cooking but there are tons of options out there!

Most of the time we gift a bottle of wine (or 2) for our hostess. One to drink at dinner and one as a gift (important FYI) but why not change things up for the holidays? If your foodie hostess loves to entertain and gets creative with their drink menu, gift them a good bottle of liquor. I’d gear my selection towards an eastern European vodka, a gin or a rum. These liquors are the best selections to make a variety of drinks and they can even be used in cooking.

And last but certainly not least, homemade goodies- nothing more rewarding than the gift of food! During the holiday season, I roll up my sleeves and bake my little heart out. I purchase cute kraft boxes, FDA approved tissue paper and some twine from Creative Bag and start packaging my goodies for gifts. I usually opt for cookies that are shortbread (toffee, regular, nutella filled etc) as these can usually be frozen for months at a time so your foodie hostess can save them! If you want to try something different, make some chocolate covered pretzels, bark or a bar that they can warm up in the oven for the next day πŸ™‚


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Gifts for the Hostess: The Entertainer

Greetings chic meninas! It’s that time of year where all of our lovely family and friends will be hosting special events and we get to stuff our bellies with delicious thoughtful menu items carefully planned by our ever so sweet hostesses! Okay, maybe not all of it will have a touch of Martha to it but it doesn’t mean that your gift can’t. I’m a huge believer in bringing a little something for the hostess no matter how small or big the event may be. With that being said, every hostess (or host) is different and may fancy certain things more than others so I decided to turn this into a …drum roll please…a series ;). Today we chat gifts for the hostess with the mostess who is forever hosting gatherings aka The Entertainer.



Why these gifts work:

A watering pitcher is a great gift for a hostess as most of the times they may have water out for their guests to sip on between courses and drinks.

Drink coasters are also a thoughtful gift because let us be real, can you have enough drink coasters? No. Pending on the event, hosts may change them out and sometimes they get ruined and lost so it’s always nice to have spares.

Wine charms are great for those who entertain! There is nothing more chaotic than raising a glass of wine after you put it down looking if the traces of lipstick and gloss match your tint. With wine charms, it eliminates the guessing game and helps with waste.

I specifically loved this cheese board because of the chalk board portion at the top. Spreads are the new appetizers and instead of leaving out a menu you can simply write down the types of cheese, fruits or dips you have out.

A cocktail bar tool…need we say more? We may not be professional bartenders (or perhaps we are) but we can always pretend to be. A great way to use this tool is to have a DIY bar and leave some coasters with bar recipes for your guests. My cousin did this for her housewarming and I could not get over how amazing of an idea it was!

Last but not least, a serving dish. The hostess who is always entertaining is always looking to use their fancy dishes and what better way to display their dishes than with your thoughtful serving dish? I always opt for something that is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. This eliminates stress for the hostess.

So ladies and gents, we hope that you enjoyed our hostess gift guide roundup for The Entertainer, tomorrow we’ll be back with another gift guide for your special hostess…the foodie! Stay tuned and stay chic.

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Stay Organized For The Holidays!


‘Tis the season for chaos, gifts, holiday cheer and headaches! It all happens within the blink of an eye and wrapped in a pretty bow made of receipts and leftover ribbon. One thing I have learned and ensure I implement every year: s t a yΒ Β  o r g a n i z e d.Β  It’s not hard for someone like me since I obsess over lists on the daily but during the holidays, I stay organized with more than just lists (or least with a few of them). See how we here at amodachic stay sane for the holidays and don’t forget to share with us some of your tips too ;).

Stay chic meninas.

Gift , Wish + Budget List

I always write down every single person I need to buy for plus their wish or something I know they will like plus the budget I have allocated for their gift. This helps me not only stay in budget but ensures that I do not miss anyone (yikes!)

Christmas Card List

Although not everyone will receive a gift this Christmas, I like to send out or hand deliver personalized Christmas cards to certain family members and friends. I always write down a list of people who will receive a card (if they are not on the gift list) and I follow up with the post office to see WHEN I should have my cards in if I want them to receive it by a certain date.

Plan a Shopping Day or Two

I actually book off a day or two from work to get my holiday shopping done. This allows me to not only take advantage of a less chaotic shopping experience, but makes me feel comfortable and stress free having a full day to do all my running around. I even grab a bite and a glass of vino for lunch at the restaurant bar and enjoy the experience to the fullest πŸ˜‰

Plan a Wrapping Date + Organize a Station

So now that your home looks like Santa’s workshop, those gifts unfortunately won’t wrap themselves. I pick a day , perhaps a Sunday morning while having some Kahlua hot chocolate and wrap away. I set up a small station that has everything I need and turn into the wrapping machine that I am!

Don’t Stress Over Small Stuff

Try to remain positive and as stress free as possible during the holiday season. If online shopping is something you are up for, try doing as much shopping as you can online and then make a list of what you need to purchase in person.

Although it is one of the busiest times of the year, don’t stress over the small stuff. Someone stole your parking spot? Let them have it. Couldn’t find that “must have” gift for your niece and nephew? There are 1091209 other toys, clothes and unique things you can get.

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Welcome to our new series “Snippets”, where we share bits and pieces of our week, weekly! Every Friday I decided it would be a neat idea to share my week with everyone- to create more of a personal connection. There is only so many photos you can share on social media before people call you crazy. But here on amodachic, I am more free to express myself. Whether it’s a new purchase I made for the home, a delicious meal or something I found interesting during the week, I thought it would be nice to share with you all a snippet of my week.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

A little bit of Christmas Cheer around the house. Transformed our lantern and added ornaments and brought out the good ol’ Christmas bears.

The Birth of Mr. Waddles. A new addition to my penguin shrine!

Delicious homemade banana and chocolate chip muffins. Sticky, moist yumminess.

Delicious Brazilian steakhouse with the boys. I highly recommend Copa Cabana located on Adelaide if anyone is ever in Downtown Toronto or looking for a great night. Entertainment, food, atmosphere- worth it.

My obsession with rugs has reached a new levels. My new bathroom rug from Homesense.

Adding some Christmas Cheer to my office space at work. Notice how my paper clips came in handy?

Can’t get over how cute these Christmas paper bags and inspired wrapping paper are! Too pretty to ruin!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. πŸ™‚

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Holiday Checklist: 6 days to go

We are exactly 6 days away from the eve of Christmas! Exciting yet overwhelming on my end as we are not only hosting Christmas this year but mum is a Christmas baby! So between getting the house prepared, I’m also organizing her birthday brunch for Christmas day.

In order to keep things from turning sideways, I always create multiple checklists for the holidays (it’s a cancer thing!). This is just to avoid any last minute issues and giving yourself a couple of days to wrap your head around the tasks that are still outstanding.

Last year we posted our Christmas To Do List – what to do the week of Christmas!

This year we have a twist on our previous list!

6- 4 days before Christmas:
– triple check your gift list to make sure everyone is accounted for on the list
– have all gifts wrapped, tagged and either under the tree or stored away for drop off
– prepare your Christmas Eve / Day dinner menu (confirm with guests if any dishes will be brought and what the dishes are)
– purchase breakfast items that are fast and easy to make for over night guests
– prepare guest bedroom or area for overnight guests with clean linens (check out this post for more ideas on preparing the guest bedroom)
– purchase non-perishable food items required for meal prep
– stock the bar
– deep clean the home (if you are hosting Christmas)
– clean platters, serving dishes, tableware and utensils
– keep your guests in minds (perhaps now is the time to tuck away breakable items so the little kids don’t tip them over etc)

3 days – the night before Christmas:
– shop for fresh ingredients for any dishes that require them
– if you are making a turkey or a large protein, ensure you research cooking time and schedule your Christmas Eve morning accordingly
– set the dinner table (including centre pieces)
– set the kiddie table if applicable
– prepare any desserts or dishes that can be stored safe in the fridge
– prepare the “what if box” with additional boxes of chocolate, some extra wine or treats in case you receive any last minute and unexpected gifts
– pick your holiday outfits, iron, lay it out so it’s not a last minute hassle
– send out a sweet message to family and friends that you are anticipating their arrivals! Also if they are required to bring anything (make sure they are aware).

But most of all, have fun, sit back and enjoy the holidays! πŸ™‚

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