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Spice Up Your Work Lunches: Winter Edition


Many of us career gals have the opportunity of working in our dream field with some kick-ass co-workers that sometimes turn into great friends and even family. I’m key on developing relationships at work as it helps with the overall workplace atmosphere and just makes for better days. With most office jobs, come the standard office hours of 9-5 (give or take) with a 1 hour lunch break. A whole hour? Daring! But it doesn’t have to be boring, in fact, it could be quite the opposite.

Today I decided to share a couple of ideas on how you can spice up your work lunches during the fall and winter season.

Do Something Active
Our group of gals at work are fortunate enough to work just minutes from a Go Karting facility, a bating cage, gym and bowling alley. Since it is winter though, we opt for a cardio intense session at the gym or a relaxing yoga session. If the weather is mild, we’ll even take out our runners and go for a nice walk.

Host Themed Pot Lucks Once a Month
A tradition I’d love to start at work. Pick a day every month where you will host a themed pot luck and coordinate with your group who will bring what. Some pot luck ideas? Sandwich Bar, Mexican, Southern Theme and so on. At the present time, we pick random days and pick our best dish and pig out in the boardroom- this works too.

A DIY or Craft Hour
We haven’t had one of these in a while but I’m thinking of making this a ritual! Rent out a space at work, if possible, we use our boardroom and just unleash our inner Martha. Crafting can be quite relaxing and can help us get the creative mind flowing.

A Blow Out + Nail Appointment
Find a local salon and just go in for a quick blow out. Most won’t take more than 30-40 minutes so you’ll have a boatload of time without the stress of getting back to work on time. I have gone for a quick polish change many times on lunch with tons of time to spare! Not only is it relaxing and refreshing BUT it saves me time in the evening too.

Journaling + Good Coffee
Grab your favourite pen, journal and make your way to a local coffee shop and give yourself some time to plan or just simply, write. I prefer going to a local Second Cup near my work and enjoy my favourite hot chocolate while I jot notes, ideas and goals. I find this to be relaxing, a way to unwind and a great way to sneak in “me time”.

Any local shelters, retirement homes, hospitals or schools that can use volunteers? This is a great way to give back to the community! No places in site? Start your own initiative at work, build a committee and see what you can do to raise money for a cause.

Pretty self explanatory – hit a local mall or boutique and get those purchases rolling!

Enjoy chic meninas and share with us any tips that you do during your lunches to keep them fun and active!



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Birth Announcements Digital + Print

Hi ladies and gents. I’ve decided to bounce back and push our amodachic print services once again. We do everything from invitations, birth announcements, wall art, you name it! I decided to tackle a project every week and share some of my favourite pieces with you guys. For the month of February,  we have a digital and print promo for most of our items.

Here are a few simple yet chic birth announcements that are now available in both digital and print. Message me for more info! Thank you to my lovely God daughter for being the perfect model. Get your order in by the end of the month to take advantage of our February Print Promo!

Leave a comment or e-mail me at info@amodachic.com

Happy Hump day friends!

NINAHEARTS helloworld_NinaYoussef welcomingnina

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Our Favourite Indoor Planters

Happy Hump Day ladies and gents. I’ve been getting over a lingering migraine which has resulted in limiting my interaction with electronics, computer screens, you name it. I’ve finally been feeling myself again and decided to kick off the blog week with something fresh. Today I wanted to chat and share some of my favourite indoor planters. I’m thrilled that there has been a push with interior trends lately on getting people to go back to the 90’s when 7ft tall plants were a thing. I absolutely love greenery in the home and office!

1. Gorgeous Brass Geometric Hanging Planter from Nifty Neat , $28.64

Brass geometric shape, hanging planter, hanging air plant, gold hanging terrarium, geometric mobile, with free air plant

This gorgeous piece is perfect for ANY room in the home and can compliment many different types of spaces. I love how chic it looks with its brass and geometric detailing.

2. Air Plant Cube in Aqua and Wood from Sea and Asters, $40.72

Geometric Air Plant Cube Planter // Aqua + Wood Colorblock
Looking to slowly add greenery to your space? Want a low maintenance plant without the hassle? This is the perfect piece if so. I love the wood and aqua combo and how cute in size this is. It makes a great decorative piece for the coffee table, desk or night table.

3. Umbra Trigg Wall Planter from Urban Outfitters, $30.00

Okay, I think it is safe to say that we have officially established a theme of some sort. Geometric. Skip the art work and picture frames and opt for a wall planter. A great option for the family or living room.

4. Nude Leather Hanging Planter from Amulettes , $57.83

Hanging planter nude leather, ceiling planter, plant hanger, vegetable tanned leather including white ceramic pot (without plant)

Love the play on textures with this piece. If you are looking for something more traditional and less geometric, this would be your gal.

So ladies and gents, what do you think of growing plants indoors? Too much of a mess? Love the idea so much that it looks like you live in a jungle? Let us know!

Stay chic meninas, xo

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Fall Outfits: SPRING app

Bom dia chic meninas! T-minus 1 week till we announce something very exciting for the holidays. Or at least, I think it’s exciting because it involves sweets…mmmm. Today we share with you two fall outfits that we put together using Spring which can be found here.”. SPRING is an app that helps you shop and discover brands all in one place. They provide users with the opportunity to follow their favourite brands, shop new arrivals, discover new ones and even have free shipping – on everything! I’m all for 1 stop shops, don’t forget to check them out for more fall inspiration.


Outfit # 1 focuses on keeping your look edgy and sporty without looking as though you are about to hit the gym. With the all black pieces, it’s important to mix textures or add a splash of colour.


Outfit # 2 focuses on comfort, greens and taupes. I love sticking to this colour scheme because you can combine countless of colours without looking out of place. I knew I had to incorporate camo somewhere so I decided since I was using a lot of solid 1 colour pieces, I made the pants the focal point. Mix and match patterns and add a fun scarf to switch things up.

What are your favourite fall outfit combos? Stay chic meninas!

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Thanksgiving Outfits 2015

Thanksgiving is a month and a bit away for us Canadians. I don’t know exactly what it is about Thanksgiving that gets me all excited. My aunts delicious stuffing? The perfect taste of fall weather? Pumpkin pie? It’s a medley of all that and spending time with my family – thankful for everything we have. Our family, for any occasion, likes to keep things simple yet chic. We’ll never make dinner feel intimidating but we’ll dress the table up, hand make some adorable centre pieces and match them to our napkins.

Aside from how we decorate our home, we take this time to also dress up. Nobody ever feels too over or under dressed in our family because we really never set any expectations. To each their own. So, with that being said, I decided to put together a variety of “looks” that I feel fit any thanksgiving dinner attire. Enjoy ladies and gents and let the countdown to turkey day begin!

I love the idea of looking dressed up yet feeling comfortable. I don’t enjoy wearing anything remotely tight fitting if I know I will be indulging. Hence, how great this knit dress is as an option for Thanksgiving dinner. I love the contrast between the colour of the dress and the shoes, it’s the perfect pop of colour for the fall. Makeup wise, I feel a lightly dusted bronzed face and a winged liner will be your best match. Lips can go either way, nude or berry , both will be great options.

A more casual option, outfit number two also incorporates one of the biggest trends right now, duster coats. I personally love the colour pallet with this outfit as it has earth tones yet we aren’t afraid to use a light sleeveless duster coat to tie in the outfit. Gone are the days of being afraid to use white and off whites after “labour day”. To add a little spunk and sparkle, I decided to go with a spike bracelet and shimmer shadows.


Of course it wouldn’t be an amodachic post without something black. I love circle / scuba skirts and find myself resorting to them often. This gorgeous layered black circle skirt paired with this lace top looks put together without much effort. I’m loving the rich warm colours for the fall and the touch of sparkle with the headband. To add colour, I went two ways. One with the loafers (which are comfy, cute and add a little bit of a masculine touch to such a feminine outfit) and with the bright blue eyeliner. I’d say winged or on the waterline, indifferent as long as it’s there for the pop of colour. To avoid any further competition with the outfit, I decided on a brown lipstick to tie in the top.

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