Holiday Parties

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChristmas seems to be that time of year where people naturally like to come together and enjoy each other’s presence- seems nice. For those of you who love organizing small get-togethers or Christmas / holiday parties, this post is for you! Every year I find myself planning some sort of Christmas related party but of course as the years roll by, you start to think of how to  up this year’s festivities. I’ve composed a handful of ideas that will work for any size group and with any budget!

1.    The Usual: “Potluck + Ugly Sweater Party”
Nothing wrong with having the typical usual sweater potluck party. It’s fun, tacky and the more food the merrier I say. Try to limit each guest with one item or a beverage/alcohol of some sort- this will help avoid an abundance of food. Have all your guests dress up in an ugly sweater and bring a tacky gift for a bad santa exchange.
Add a twist: Have guests arrive in their own DIY Ugly Sweater and or prize for the winner of the ugliest sweater/outfit 

2.    The Sweet Tooth: “Dessert Bar & Crafts” dessertdisplayDo your friends and family members have a sweet tooth? Why not host a Dessert Bar party and fill it with yummy treats such as an ice cream bar with multiple choices of flavours and toppings. Add some variation with different cakes, pies , salty treats and beverages. Have a DIY cookie or cupcake decorating station to add some fun in the mix.

3.    The Lounge Night: “Ornaments, Cocktails & Appetizers” cocktails_ladiesnightThis is similar to what my mom and I hosted a few weeks back, we had a ladies night at my house where each guest brought in an appetizer platter, dessert or drink of some sort. I made a signature cocktail, set up a wine station and had a craft station for DIY ornaments ready to roll. We had lots of fun, delicious homemade food and everyone left with a great addition to their tree ornament collection.

Regardless of your budget and or size of group the whole vision behind a Christmas / Holiday party is to enjoy the time you are spending with friends and family. As long as you are in good company, you’ll have a fantastic and successful event- don’t sweat the small stuff!

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas everyone.

Photo credits 1: paparutzi on Flickr, 2: TheUglySweaterShop on Flickr 3: Shauna Younge Dessert Tables on Flickr 4: None of these photos belong to, please visit these respective owners for more information.

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DIY: Christmas Tree Ornaments

diyornamentWhat a pleasure it is to finally have a place to call home. Welcome to a moda chic, stay a while! 🙂 To keep us in the holiday spirit, enjoy my do it yourself tree ornament segment, enjoy.

It all started on a crisp Saturday evening when mom and I decided to host a ladies night with family and friends. The agenda was simple: great food, drinks, company and a craft- many creative women but with a signature alcoholic drink in stock, I wasn’t going to get too Martha on the craft.

What you will need:
Plastic ornament containers (any shape or size available), purchased mine from: Walmart & Michaels
Vase filler
Mini craft gems

We paired the beads of similar colours and styles in separate bowls so people would be more visually intrigued. I had one sample ready so everyone had an idea of how to mix and match different materials and colours.

Remind your guests and yourself not to overfill the ornament as it can get heavy and snap.


christmastreereindeerLeft: Silver tinsel, mini vase filler, turquoise craft gems & silver beads
Right: Silver tinsel, mini vase filler, royal blue beads, crushed blue vase filler

Good luck with your Christmas Tree ornaments! 🙂

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