Stay Organized For The Holidays!


‘Tis the season for chaos, gifts, holiday cheer and headaches! It all happens within the blink of an eye and wrapped in a pretty bow made of receipts and leftover ribbon. One thing I have learned and ensure I implement every year: s t a y   o r g a n i z e d.  It’s not hard for someone like me since I obsess over lists on the daily but during the holidays, I stay organized with more than just lists (or least with a few of them). See how we here at amodachic stay sane for the holidays and don’t forget to share with us some of your tips too ;).

Stay chic meninas.

Gift , Wish + Budget List

I always write down every single person I need to buy for plus their wish or something I know they will like plus the budget I have allocated for their gift. This helps me not only stay in budget but ensures that I do not miss anyone (yikes!)

Christmas Card List

Although not everyone will receive a gift this Christmas, I like to send out or hand deliver personalized Christmas cards to certain family members and friends. I always write down a list of people who will receive a card (if they are not on the gift list) and I follow up with the post office to see WHEN I should have my cards in if I want them to receive it by a certain date.

Plan a Shopping Day or Two

I actually book off a day or two from work to get my holiday shopping done. This allows me to not only take advantage of a less chaotic shopping experience, but makes me feel comfortable and stress free having a full day to do all my running around. I even grab a bite and a glass of vino for lunch at the restaurant bar and enjoy the experience to the fullest 😉

Plan a Wrapping Date + Organize a Station

So now that your home looks like Santa’s workshop, those gifts unfortunately won’t wrap themselves. I pick a day , perhaps a Sunday morning while having some Kahlua hot chocolate and wrap away. I set up a small station that has everything I need and turn into the wrapping machine that I am!

Don’t Stress Over Small Stuff

Try to remain positive and as stress free as possible during the holiday season. If online shopping is something you are up for, try doing as much shopping as you can online and then make a list of what you need to purchase in person.

Although it is one of the busiest times of the year, don’t stress over the small stuff. Someone stole your parking spot? Let them have it. Couldn’t find that “must have” gift for your niece and nephew? There are 1091209 other toys, clothes and unique things you can get.

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Review: La Crepe 2 Go



Bonjour chic meninas! I’m so excited to finally get the ball rolling on our new “Reviews” section. Anyone who knows me, has a clue on how much of a foodie I am. I love to cook, bake, chat, and eat food. Anything to do with it, I’m your gal. Since I already blog and I try to be adventurous at times and try new places, I decided, why not review them while we are at it? This will mostly be geared to folks who live in the GTA (Toronto and surrounding area) but oddly enough, my first review is dedicated to a delicious crepe place in Montreal.

G & I decided to do a list minute mini getaway and went to Montreal last Sunday and returned late Wednesday night. We tried a whirlpool of restaurants, bars, and nightlife. Since many fellow Ontarians visit our fellow French neighbours, I thought this would be a great kick off.

I’ll also be posting similar if not the same reviews on Yelp, however, most of the time I will have more detailed and personalized reviews here on the blog. Enjoy!

13880270_10205753183582720_4610308431802170091_n Tucked away on Rue de Bleury, you’d almost miss La Crepe 2 Go if you didn’t see the faded red door and pale yellow sign or if you didn’t have the nose of K9. G & I stand eagerly at the corner of Sherbrooke to cross over to Rue de Bleury and I can already smell deliciousness and scream like a fan girl “I smell CREPE!” We’re both excited and clearly look like two tourist fools, but we don’t care and neither does anyone else because we are all way too hot to care on this blistering hot summer day.

We pass by and the window is not at eye level because it’s almost “underneath” typical store level. We open the door savagely only to be greeted with a line of people wanting crepes as eagerly as we do. I look around and think “wow, this place is tiny”. It’s cozy and does the job and really adds character to the little nook it prides itself in being . I turn to my left and pour myself a cup of water from the cold pitcher that patiently awaits new visitors. The line took no more than 3 minutes and we  finally seat ourselves at the bar. Thankfully, we took the last two spots. Aside from the bar that houses about 6-8 hungry bodies, there are 2-3 small tables to the left of you when you walk in. Not much space to sit in but there is a take out option if WORST comes to worst.

We waited about 15 minutes this time around (yes, we went back for more crepes two days later) for our crepe. The nice lady apologized for the wait, but we thought nothing of it as we saw how busy they were. The older gentlemen graciously made the crepe with such delicacy and effortlessly. G opted for a savory Pizza crepe which was loaded with two types of cheese, pepperoni, red peppers, olives, fresh tomatoes and oregano. It was mouthwatering and one of the best things I ever ate.

13912491_10205753212863452_8438033170065533537_nI, of course couldn’t deny my sweet tooth and love affair with Nutella and went with the Nutella and Banana crepe. The Nutella literally melted in my mouth with every bite because of how warm and fresh the crepe was. Loaded with fresh bananas and a drizzle of chocolate sauce and dusted lightly with icing powder, I felt at that very moment, that my life was complete.

We devoured our crepes within minutes, I mean, I practically inhaled mine. Oh, we ordered drinks too. G got a regular cup of coffee and I asked for a “chocolate milk”. They don’t serve already made chocolate milk so I got a milkshake like glass of white milk with some chocolate syrup in it. The gal asked me if that was OK of course before doing that. To me, it just reminded me of my childhood days when I would snuggle in front of the TV with some toast and nesquik chocolate milk.

Overall I give La Crepe 2 Go 4.5 stars out of 5. If the place had more seating and wasn’t as snug, it would certainly get the full 5 stars from me.


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2016 Summer To Do List

Recently G and I have been exploring the city of Toronto  more than we used to. First it was the Mac N Cheese festival, which still has me craving the mouthwatering and to die for Cajun mac n cheese. Then it was the Little Taste of Italy, local dives, room escape at Casa Loma and neat soccer nooks to enjoy the Copa and Euro games.

Toronto is filled with multiculturalism and so much excitement that it had me wanting to put a list together of places and things to check off this summer.  Let me know if there is anything exciting that you’ll be doing in Toronto this summer, or anywhere for that matter– we love hearing about new things to explore.

1. Try a delicious Booyah ice cream taco. (This place is literally down the street, I’m disappointed that we have yet to go!)

2. Have a picnic at Colonel Samuel Smith Park

3. See John Fogerty live in concert at Molson Amphitheatre (July 11)

4. Attend the TO Food Fest (July 9-10)

5. Try jerk chicken off the grill at Raps on Eglinton

6. Dig into the Toronto Food Truck Festival (July 29)

7. Check out local farmer’s markets in town (St. Lawrence Market, Trinity Bellwoods, Dufferin Grove)

8. Sail-in Cinema at Sugar Beach in Toronto (August 18-20)

9. Host a summer themed BBQ (donut, western, flamingo, fiesta)

10. Have some “adult beverages” at the Porch

11. Harbourfront Canoe and Kayak Centre

12. Finally get my hands on some axe throwing

13. Attend the Fit Bar’s 1 day outdoor charity bootcamp (more information to come)

14. Host a breakfast for dinner Friday night with mimosas and Spanish coffee as drink options

15. Binge shop at Honest Ed’s before they close at the end of this year

16. Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at Rooster Coffee House

17. Bike ride to the Junction and eat at Wallace & Co

18. Enjoy a full day at Kew Balmy beach

 19. Host a Nacho Bar Night

20. Host a DIY outdoor craft day with the ladies




Photo used from Booyahinc instagram.

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DIY: Birthday Badge

Howdy chic meninas! It’s been a while since we had a DIY project. Well, it’s actually just been a while in general but we’re back, in good working order. I finally got a new laptop (yay! we’ll chat more about that on my Facebook).  I decided to tag ya’ll along as I make these chic birthday badges for my sissy Mel and I.

I love birthdays, themes, events, you name it. I go all out and stick to the core of the theme because seeing it all come to life and the planning process actually excites me. This year, Melaney and I decided to do a “Western theme”  birthday. I’ll have all the details in a later post on how our city backyard got a western makeover. For now I decided to share with you this cute little DIY project that works for any occasion and for any age. Enjoy ya’ll.

What you’ll need:

– Chalk board paper (you can use card stock paper if chalk board paper is not available to you)
Card stock paper
– Chalk board pen (markers or metallic pen if you are going the card stock route)
– Hot glue gun
– Different styles and sizes of ribbon
– Circle cutter (mine is 2″)
– Foam paper
– Adhesive Bar Pins
– Scissors
– Wine (because all good crafts require a glass of wine)

Step 1
First I punch the chalk board and card stock paper with the 2″ circle cutter. Cut 1 chalk board circle and 2 card stock circles. If you only have card stock, cut 3 pieces.

Then take 1 chalk board circle and 1 card stock circle and  hot glue them together and then apply hot glue to the card stock side and glue it to the foam paper. Take your scissors and cut around the foam. Leave the other circle to the side, we will use it later.

I did not want to apply an extreme amount of heat to the chalk board paper which is why I used the card stock as a barrier. Also, the foam paper is easier to glue things on and adds a little bit of dimension since we are going to add lots of fabric to this, we need the circle to be durable. I had to manually cut the foam and used the chalk/card stock piece as a guide as the foam paper does not fit in the circle cutter.

Step 2
Cut your ribbon into different lengths. My longest piece is about 4.5 inches. Take into consideration that it will be glued to the back and that we are going to cut (next step). Decide on your pattern first before you glue. I went with the thickest piece of ribbon as the longest and made each ribbon from there smaller in length.



Step 3
Snip your fabric at the end into a triangle shape. I did this for all of my ribbon pieces, you can choose to keep some as is to add some differentiation to your pattern. I liked that they all looked the same. This part is a little time consuming but it really adds some character to the ribbon. It doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical either.

FullSizeRender(9) IMG_9727 FullSizeRender(2)This last photo is just to show you what the end should look like when you cut it into a triangle. Your piece is going to be a lot longer than this. About 4 inches in length or so. This was just to show you visually.

Step 4
Hot glue everything to the back. It will look like a hot mess like this in the back but now take your other circle card stock from earlier and glue it to the back. Then peal off the adhesive and stick your bar pin to the back. You can hot glue it if you want it to be more secure.


Step 5
Take your chalk marker or metallic pens and write the birthday gal or boy’s name *or anything for that matter*. I accidentally purchased thick chalk writers instead of the pens so this one kind of looked fugly, but I fixed them after I found some nice pens in my craft drawer 🙂

FullSizeRender(3) FullSizeRender(4)

And you’re all done ladies and gents! Quick, cute and personalized birthday badges. You can use these for bridal and baby showers as well. Have a lovely day! 🙂


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Social Media Checklist

SOCIALMEDIACHECKLISTSocial media is one of the best tools in my opinion for most businesses, especially small startups and blogs. It allows for you to interact with your followers, creates a bond between you and your customer and adds personality to the brand.

However, just like all good things in life, social media can work to your disadvantage. Luckily we are able to avoid that with a few tips, some patience and attention to detail. If you are a small business looking to take your social media by the kahunas, be sure to check these important things off your list. Let’s begin!

Did you: Proof read, spell check and proof read again?
You have no idea how unprofessional and just downright awful it is to see businesses use poor grammar and have a ton of spelling errors in their posts. You are a business that is probably selling a product, providing a service or trying to drive traffic to your site. The least you can do is ensure that your message is clear and not something your customer has to decode. I’ll admit- I am not the best when it comes to spelling or grammar but I can say that I know the difference between “their, there and they’re”. Not certain? Use Microsoft word, Google or get someone to proof read your post. You have tools at your disposal, use it. It may seem time consuming but this is your brand- you’re supposed to invest time into it.

Did you: Post with meaning?
I’ve been seeing a lot of social media accounts that post just for the “sake of posting”. Remember the good ol’ cliché “quality vs quantity?” Make sure you are posting something that is relative to your brand or something you support. Ask yourself “what do I want my followers to get out of this post?”

InteractDid you: Interact with your followers?
It’s easier for businesses that have a social media specialist on their team that is solely dedicated to being the face of that company online. It can get tough when you are a smaller team or a one man show trying to manage it all, but make time. Set aside at least 30 – 60 minutes per day responding to followers and interacting with them on social media. Respond to those questions, thank them for positive feed and embrace constructive criticism.

Did you: Jot down the negative responses?
Listen to your customer. If you for example are selling a cream and you’ve received a ton of negative feedback about the packaging, take that into consideration, don’t delete or ignore. Take the negative and turn it into a positive. Pose the question, what can we do to change the packaging and go from there. Not only does this show that you are listening to what your customers are saying but it also makes them feel a part of the process. They are after all purchasing the product- we need them to be happy and repurchase!

Did you: Act like yourself?
You want your brand to have a personality that has a human feel to it, this helps people relate to the brand. I remember once I followed a beauty bar on social media and finally decided to go check them out. The beauty bar posted beautiful intriguing photos online but they lacked personality in their text. It was usually a bunch of hashtags or small sentences that didn’t really “pull you in”. When I went to the beauty bar in person, the staff were beyond friendly and I got a great vibe from them. I told them that they should really showcase their personality on social media because they would get a great response from their followers. A few weeks later, the owner took it upon herself to manage the social media accounts and the likes went from just a couple of hundred to thousands. The key is to make sure it reflects you as a brand. Be unique, original and true to who you are.


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