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Review: La Crepe 2 Go



Bonjour chic meninas! I’m so excited to finally get the ball rolling on our new “Reviews” section. Anyone who knows me, has a clue on how much of a foodie I am. I love to cook, bake, chat, and eat food. Anything to do with it, I’m your gal. Since I already blog and I try to be adventurous at times and try new places, I decided, why not review them while we are at it? This will mostly be geared to folks who live in the GTA (Toronto and surrounding area) but oddly enough, my first review is dedicated to a delicious crepe place in Montreal.

G & I decided to do a list minute mini getaway and went to Montreal last Sunday and returned late Wednesday night. We tried a whirlpool of restaurants, bars, and nightlife. Since many fellow Ontarians visit our fellow French neighbours, I thought this would be a great kick off.

I’ll also be posting similar if not the same reviews on Yelp, however, most of the time I will have more detailed and personalized reviews here on the blog. Enjoy!

13880270_10205753183582720_4610308431802170091_n Tucked away on Rue de Bleury, you’d almost miss La Crepe 2 Go if you didn’t see the faded red door and pale yellow sign or if you didn’t have the nose of K9. G & I stand eagerly at the corner of Sherbrooke to cross over to Rue de Bleury and I can already smell deliciousness and scream like a fan girl “I smell CREPE!” We’re both excited and clearly look like two tourist fools, but we don’t care and neither does anyone else because we are all way too hot to care on this blistering hot summer day.

We pass by and the window is not at eye level because it’s almost “underneath” typical store level. We open the door savagely only to be greeted with a line of people wanting crepes as eagerly as we do. I look around and think “wow, this place is tiny”. It’s cozy and does the job and really adds character to the little nook it prides itself in being . I turn to my left and pour myself a cup of water from the cold pitcher that patiently awaits new visitors. The line took no more than 3 minutes and we  finally seat ourselves at the bar. Thankfully, we took the last two spots. Aside from the bar that houses about 6-8 hungry bodies, there are 2-3 small tables to the left of you when you walk in. Not much space to sit in but there is a take out option if WORST comes to worst.

We waited about 15 minutes this time around (yes, we went back for more crepes two days later) for our crepe. The nice lady apologized for the wait, but we thought nothing of it as we saw how busy they were. The older gentlemen graciously made the crepe with such delicacy and effortlessly. G opted for a savory Pizza crepe which was loaded with two types of cheese, pepperoni, red peppers, olives, fresh tomatoes and oregano. It was mouthwatering and one of the best things I ever ate.

13912491_10205753212863452_8438033170065533537_nI, of course couldn’t deny my sweet tooth and love affair with Nutella and went with the Nutella and Banana crepe. The Nutella literally melted in my mouth with every bite because of how warm and fresh the crepe was. Loaded with fresh bananas and a drizzle of chocolate sauce and dusted lightly with icing powder, I felt at that very moment, that my life was complete.

We devoured our crepes within minutes, I mean, I practically inhaled mine. Oh, we ordered drinks too. G got a regular cup of coffee and I asked for a “chocolate milk”. They don’t serve already made chocolate milk so I got a milkshake like glass of white milk with some chocolate syrup in it. The gal asked me if that was OK of course before doing that. To me, it just reminded me of my childhood days when I would snuggle in front of the TV with some toast and nesquik chocolate milk.

Overall I give La Crepe 2 Go 4.5 stars out of 5. If the place had more seating and wasn’t as snug, it would certainly get the full 5 stars from me.


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