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Happy International Women’s Day to all you beautiful and strong women out there. We are all unique in our own way and each and every one of us has a purpose and something to contribute to the universe. I am so lucky to work alongside knowledgeable and passionate women within the advertising world- an industry that was once driven by men. I am also so grateful to have such a strong and motivated group of family and friends who teach me something new every day. We all have so much to offer and we shouldn’t be limited based on our gender. Today, we bring back one of our favourite posts- snippets! Although I haven’t taken out my camera as much I’d like to, I was able to catch a couple of awesome (and delicious) things. Stay chic meninas.

nutellalatteeA nutella latte in the flesh from the one and only Sanremo Bakery in Toronto.

invitationsOne of many amodachic print projects of 2016, introducing our cute lilac and silver wedding invitation in a chic and simple design.

chocolateeggsGetting into the Easter spirit with these delicious chocolate covered eggs that are in my opinion way too pretty to eat.

indigo_notebookI’m a sucker for stationary items no matter where I go. This embossed hard cover journal from Chapter’s caught my attention as soon as I walked in.

updoSuper thankful for best friends who also double as a hair dresser and turn my vision of retro goddess into a reality.

baptismfavoursPutting together the final touches for my God daughter’s baptism. Cannot get enough of these chic floral favour boxes.

mailboxCutest mail box ever, acts as an exterior decor piece too.

soupOn my days off, I make soup. Cauliflower to be exact and it was delicious. We paired it with some yummy Italian inspired chicken sandwiches for dinner.


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We are just about ready to head into the Labour day long weekend here :). I got some fun activities planned, bullfights, a family BBQ and what not. I plan on relaxing mostly though and enjoying the beautiful weather and extra day off work. Hope you all have a fantastic long weekend and a safe one more importantly.

This barber shop likes to keep it old school.

One of the best pasta’s I’ve had in a while, courtesy of Olive Press. This is their delicious chicken pesto pappardelle. Also highly recommend their Sicilian pizza.

Creative concept at my cousin’s house warming party. Do it yourself bar and how to make them!

Unique fixtures outside of El Catrin.

Just a pretty day enjoying the distillery district in Toronto.

When you aren’t a cooler girl and Mike’s saves the day due to the heat wave.

I have a thing for buildings and homes that are all white.


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Happy Friday ladies and gents. It’s been a wee while since we had a Snippets post, so brace yourself for an abundance of photos. The last couple of weeks you may have noticed a slower than normal posting schedule here. I’ve been heavily involved in projects outside the blog (some which will make appearances here) that have unfortunately influenced our posting schedule a bit. As always meninas, stay chic.

Chic dual sided kitchen tea towel for a little bit of spice in the kitchen.

BridalShowerTable Gorgeous table set up at a friend’s Bridal shower. Chic, glitz, glam and a little bit of toe action.

Milk and cookies? Yes please. Pinterest in the flesh.

Champagne birthday cake. Delicious chocolate goodness with an even tastier icing. Thank you to everyone who celebrated my special day with me and sent their well wishes!

FullSizeRender(1)Paper butterflies fluttering throughout the mall.

Some of the best mini cupcakes that I have ever tasted, and trust me, I’ve tasted many cupcakes in my life time. These gems are from Dolled Up Cupcakes.

When the bestie knows you have a stationary addiction and adds this as part of your gift.

And when your prima knows you love taking selfies and adds this as part of your gift, hehe.



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Happy Monday ladies and gents! Hoping you all had a fantastic Mother’s Day weekend! We have some great posts coming your way this week, in the meantime we will share a few snippets from last week. Stay chic meninas!

amodachic_prints Some amodachic bathroom prints. Does anyone else agree?

bestsoapeverThe best smelling hand soap to date!

Chapters_Indigo_Stationary (3)The cutest floral print from Indigo. A decor must have for the warmer months.

Chapters_Indigo_Stationary (2)Indigo always gets to me. How could we not want everything on this table? Was nearly tempted to sprawl across the table.

Chapters_Indigo_Stationary (1)Well, thank you!


FullSizeRender(2)Reason #209239 why my best friend rules the universe.


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Happy Wednesday ladies and gents. It’s been a great couple of weeks celebrating milestones, executing new projects and Spring deciding to finally stay. Leather jackets are out, sunglasses in hand and taking walks will become the norm. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and the sunshine!

Panagio’s seems to have the right idea about life.

My new Nike trainers, now I won’t stand out like a sore thumb.

Deliciously glazed Krispy Kreme donuts courtesy of the lovely Tania and Marco. I haven’t had these in years and G never had one before- so you can imagine it was quite the treat.

Ladies night at the Cadillac Lounge in Toronto. Taking Toronto nightlife to great lengths with awesome live bands, car like booths and to die for nachos.

Marshall’s nailed the fitting room concept and made life easier for indecisive people like myself. The raptors shirt made its way to the definitely pile later on!

SaladonboardThe most delicious and uniquely plated salad I’ve ever had from Pizzeria Defina in Roncesvalles. Meet the Caramelized Plum. Delicious medley of arugula, bufala cheese, prosciutto, toasted almonds and saba vinagirette. Sissy and I highly recommend checking this pizzeria out.

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