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DIY: Birthday Badge

Howdy chic meninas! It’s been a while since we had a DIY project. Well, it’s actually just been a while in general but we’re back, in good working order. I finally got a new laptop (yay! we’ll chat more about that on my Facebook).  I decided to tag ya’ll along as I make these chic birthday badges for my sissy Mel and I.

I love birthdays, themes, events, you name it. I go all out and stick to the core of the theme because seeing it all come to life and the planning process actually excites me. This year, Melaney and I decided to do a “Western theme”  birthday. I’ll have all the details in a later post on how our city backyard got a western makeover. For now I decided to share with you this cute little DIY project that works for any occasion and for any age. Enjoy ya’ll.

What you’ll need:

– Chalk board paper (you can use card stock paper if chalk board paper is not available to you)
Card stock paper
– Chalk board pen (markers or metallic pen if you are going the card stock route)
– Hot glue gun
– Different styles and sizes of ribbon
– Circle cutter (mine is 2″)
– Foam paper
– Adhesive Bar Pins
– Scissors
– Wine (because all good crafts require a glass of wine)

Step 1
First I punch the chalk board and card stock paper with the 2″ circle cutter. Cut 1 chalk board circle and 2 card stock circles. If you only have card stock, cut 3 pieces.

Then take 1 chalk board circle and 1 card stock circle and  hot glue them together and then apply hot glue to the card stock side and glue it to the foam paper. Take your scissors and cut around the foam. Leave the other circle to the side, we will use it later.

I did not want to apply an extreme amount of heat to the chalk board paper which is why I used the card stock as a barrier. Also, the foam paper is easier to glue things on and adds a little bit of dimension since we are going to add lots of fabric to this, we need the circle to be durable. I had to manually cut the foam and used the chalk/card stock piece as a guide as the foam paper does not fit in the circle cutter.

Step 2
Cut your ribbon into different lengths. My longest piece is about 4.5 inches. Take into consideration that it will be glued to the back and that we are going to cut (next step). Decide on your pattern first before you glue. I went with the thickest piece of ribbon as the longest and made each ribbon from there smaller in length.



Step 3
Snip your fabric at the end into a triangle shape. I did this for all of my ribbon pieces, you can choose to keep some as is to add some differentiation to your pattern. I liked that they all looked the same. This part is a little time consuming but it really adds some character to the ribbon. It doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical either.

FullSizeRender(9) IMG_9727 FullSizeRender(2)This last photo is just to show you what the end should look like when you cut it into a triangle. Your piece is going to be a lot longer than this. About 4 inches in length or so. This was just to show you visually.

Step 4
Hot glue everything to the back. It will look like a hot mess like this in the back but now take your other circle card stock from earlier and glue it to the back. Then peal off the adhesive and stick your bar pin to the back. You can hot glue it if you want it to be more secure.


Step 5
Take your chalk marker or metallic pens and write the birthday gal or boy’s name *or anything for that matter*. I accidentally purchased thick chalk writers instead of the pens so this one kind of looked fugly, but I fixed them after I found some nice pens in my craft drawer 🙂

FullSizeRender(3) FullSizeRender(4)

And you’re all done ladies and gents! Quick, cute and personalized birthday badges. You can use these for bridal and baby showers as well. Have a lovely day! 🙂


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DIY Easter Craft: Bunny Candy

A fun and easy DIY Easter Craft for the kiddies or kids at heart. At work, it’s become a ritual now that we do a craft once a month. This month we decided to centre our focus on Easter as many of us have little ones to give a treat to. We found this simple DIY that will take little of your time to complete. Enjoy 🙂

EasterCraft_Bunny (4)
What you’ll need:
– Tulle material (9 inches in width or larger)
– Pipe cleaners
– Styrofoam balls (2 inches or larger)
– Googly eyes
– Scissors
– Pom poms
– Jelly beans or foiled egg chocolates

EasterCraft_Bunny (10)
Take your white pipe cleaners (which will be the outline of your ears) and cut them into 3.5 – 4 inches. 1 for each ear is required.

Decide on the colour for the centre of your ear. Cut those pieces into 2 inches. 1 for each ear is required.

EasterCraft_Bunny (11)

EasterCraft_Bunny (5)
Stick the white pipe cleaner into the top of the Styrofoam ball towards the left side sticking up. Stick your coloured pipe cleaner next to it. Bend the white pipe cleaner over the yellow pipe cleaner and stick into the opposite side. Repeat for both ears leaving a minor gap between the two ears.

EasterCraft_Bunny (6) EasterCraft_Bunny (7)
EasterCraft_Bunny (8)Hot glue your googly eyes to the centre of the Styrofoam ball. (CAUTION: Be mindful and generous with the hot glue as it melts the Styrofoam). Do the same for the nose and mouth of the bunny head.

EasterCraft_Bunny (12) EasterCraft_Bunny (13)Take your tulle material and cut about 9 inches. Place a handful (or more depending how big you want the body to be) in the centre of the tulle.

EasterCraft_Bunny (14) EasterCraft_Bunny (15)Fold the tulle material inwards and create a pouch with the treats inside. Use a small piece of pipe cleaner to close the body of the bunny. Twist and turn the pipe cleaner to secure or opt for an elastic band or string.

EasterCraft_Bunny (16) EasterCraft_Bunny (17)
EasterCraft_Bunny (1)
Take another pipe cleaner and cut it into 4 inches and stick it into the bottom middle of the bunny head. Cut a bit of the excess tulle to create a cute bushy bunny tale. Turn the body to the side so that the tail is facing sideways. Take your bunny head and stick it into the centre of the body.

EasterCraft_Bunny (3) EasterCraft_Bunny (2)And voila, you’re done! Happy crafting. 🙂

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DIY: ELF Headband

Tis the season to look festive! Whether you plan on spicing up your ugly sweater outfit or just feel the need to spread Christmas cheer, our ELF headband will do just the trick. Below is how you can achieve your very own ELF Headband.

What you’ll need:
Felt (2 colours)
White paper for outline (or you can free hand on the felt)
Toilet Paper Roll
Plain thin headband (any colour as long as it matches your felt colour scheme)
Hot Glue Gun
Bell (optional)
Optional ** trace your design on a piece of paper and use as a guideline to cut the felt**
You’ll need two of the horn shaped pieces, 1 for the base trim.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1(2) photo 2(2)

Cut your toilet paper roll in half
photo 3(2)

Glue gun half the roll and wrap one of the horn shaped felt around.
photo 5(2)

Do the same with the other side.
photo 1(1)

Now glue both pieces together along the rim.

photo 2(1)

photo 3(1)

Glue your trim around the base of the horn

photo 4(1)

Now cut a circle to seal off your base so you can hot glue it to your head band. Play around with the position on where you want it on and what side

photo 5(1)
photo 1(3)

We added another piece that went over the head band at the bottom and to the base to secure it more in place.

Add your bell or anything trim to the tip of the horn

DON Master Asset Tracking.xlsx - Shortcut

And there ya have it folks! Happy crafting.

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DIY Pysanky (Decorative Eggs)

Today on the blog I share my journey on pysanky- a first for me and probably for most! My dear friend Oksana introduced me to the idea of decorating some raw eggs to keep us in the spirit of Easter. Add some delicious dinner and a glass of wine and you have yourself a night to            remember. I, two steps ahead decided to document the experience and share with you a        beautiful art that is not limited to specific cultures but fun for everyone.

finishedeggs finishedeggs-topview          underside
These beautiful eggs were decorated by Larysa Bablak

is by the definition of Wiki, a “pretty Ukraninian Easter Egg”, decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs using batik (a wax resist dyeing technique). What I loved about the process was how similar the folk designs were to my own culture (Azorean) and how beautiful traditional art really is.

Pysaty is actually a direct translation of “to write” in Ukrainian. Below are the steps on how you can decorate your own decorative Easter egg. It may seem like a lot of work (that’s because it is) and that paint is just an easier alternative (but isn’t as reliable). But this is way more artsy 😉

What you’ll need:
Dye. Purchase multiple colours of dye packets- most will come in a kit already with a few               options. Follow the directions exactly how it says, add vinegar only when the packet calls for (and if it even does). Some colours do not require the additional vinegar. Also two large spoons to help dry and carry the eggs into the dye.

White large or extra large eggs. The bigger the better (yup- I said it)

A candle, pure bees wax (ours already has some hot melted wax on it, the colour is normally yellowish), Kistka (your decorative utensil, can be purchsed at Ukrainian gift shops, amazon or ebay). Paper towel (lots of it, especially if this is your first time) and some sort of bristol board or newspaper to cover your workstation (this gets messy).

Next, you’ll want to pick your design or shapes that you will go with. Oksana was looking for simple shapes and lines for me to start off with.

Once you have everything in order, light up your candle and make sure that your egg is room temperature. Grab your Kistka and start warming up the funnel part of it (the part opposite of the point). Once you have heated it up for about 5-10 seconds, scoop some bees wax inside.
Test the lines with the point on newspaper or paper to see if it has enough wax / remove excess as you do not want blobs on your egg.

Start drawing designs similiar to what you chose. You can draw the design with pencil first if you wish, I did it the traditional way (free hand) and as you can see- I am no artist.

Note: Do not cover your whole egg with designs right now. The black wax will actually be “white” at the end of this process. So just think, whatever is black now will be white later. Once you are design you’ll dip your egg into your first colour 🙂

Gently place your egg on the spoon and place it into the dye. DO NOT DROP THE EGG IN. The egg can crack or even break. Remember these eggs are raw and sensitive. Leave the egg in your choice of colour for about a minute or two. You can leave it in for as long as you’d like. Check to make sure it has a nice solid smooth colour before gently removing. Dab on a paper towel the excess dye.

Now continue drawing on it again with wax. You’ll notice yourself heating up your Kistka     often during this process and applying lots of wax. Not to worry, there isn’t much room in that      funnel area anyway. Whatever you draw now on the yellow egg will now be yellow in the end.

Oksana and I were actually working on two eggs by the way. This is the yellow black and blue one you’ll see in the end.

This is the purple, yellow and pink one that you’ll see in the end.

Another side note: Always start with the lightest colour first and work your way to the darkest.

Now time for the fun part!me_removing
removing more wax
revealed egg
Take your finished egg and slowly heat it near the flame. This step is now melting the black wax off the egg. Wipe and go along the way and do not keep the egg close to the flame for too long. You’ll be able to see the colour come from underneath and that is the perfect time to wipe the wax off with paper towel.

The more wax you have, the longer this process will be- especially if you applied it on thickly.

decorative_egg_final_again decorative_egg_final closeup_top
Remove all the wax and gently clean off the egg with your dry paper towel and voila, you officially made your pysanky for Easter!

finished_eggs_ top_flat_finished
You can keep the egg raw and as is in a safe decorative bowl or plate and toss them after Easter. Traditionally a small hole on the top and bottom of the egg are pierced and the yolk is blown out. This will allow the egg to be hallow and avoid the risk of causing a messy situation. This step is actually ideal 😉

So ladies and gents, I hope you enjoyed my first ever diy pysanky! Next year Oksana and I     decided to focus on a step by step guide on how to achieve certain designs. We hope you         enjoyed 🙂

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DIY: Christmas Tree Ornaments

diyornamentWhat a pleasure it is to finally have a place to call home. Welcome to a moda chic, stay a while! 🙂 To keep us in the holiday spirit, enjoy my do it yourself tree ornament segment, enjoy.

It all started on a crisp Saturday evening when mom and I decided to host a ladies night with family and friends. The agenda was simple: great food, drinks, company and a craft- many creative women but with a signature alcoholic drink in stock, I wasn’t going to get too Martha on the craft.

What you will need:
Plastic ornament containers (any shape or size available), purchased mine from: Walmart & Michaels
Vase filler
Mini craft gems

We paired the beads of similar colours and styles in separate bowls so people would be more visually intrigued. I had one sample ready so everyone had an idea of how to mix and match different materials and colours.

Remind your guests and yourself not to overfill the ornament as it can get heavy and snap.


christmastreereindeerLeft: Silver tinsel, mini vase filler, turquoise craft gems & silver beads
Right: Silver tinsel, mini vase filler, royal blue beads, crushed blue vase filler

Good luck with your Christmas Tree ornaments! 🙂

All Images are copyright of, any use of photos must be credited back to this website.

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