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Fall Outfits: SPRING app

Bom dia chic meninas! T-minus 1 week till we announce something very exciting for the holidays. Or at least, I think it’s exciting because it involves sweets…mmmm. Today we share with you two fall outfits that we put together using Spring which can be found here.”. SPRING is an app that helps you shop and discover brands all in one place. They provide users with the opportunity to follow their favourite brands, shop new arrivals, discover new ones and even have free shipping – on everything! I’m all for 1 stop shops, don’t forget to check them out for more fall inspiration.


Outfit # 1 focuses on keeping your look edgy and sporty without looking as though you are about to hit the gym. With the all black pieces, it’s important to mix textures or add a splash of colour.


Outfit # 2 focuses on comfort, greens and taupes. I love sticking to this colour scheme because you can combine countless of colours without looking out of place. I knew I had to incorporate camo somewhere so I decided since I was using a lot of solid 1 colour pieces, I made the pants the focal point. Mix and match patterns and add a fun scarf to switch things up.

What are your favourite fall outfit combos? Stay chic meninas!

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Thanksgiving Outfits 2015

Thanksgiving is a month and a bit away for us Canadians. I don’t know exactly what it is about Thanksgiving that gets me all excited. My aunts delicious stuffing? The perfect taste of fall weather? Pumpkin pie? It’s a medley of all that and spending time with my family – thankful for everything we have. Our family, for any occasion, likes to keep things simple yet chic. We’ll never make dinner feel intimidating but we’ll dress the table up, hand make some adorable centre pieces and match them to our napkins.

Aside from how we decorate our home, we take this time to also dress up. Nobody ever feels too over or under dressed in our family because we really never set any expectations. To each their own. So, with that being said, I decided to put together a variety of “looks” that I feel fit any thanksgiving dinner attire. Enjoy ladies and gents and let the countdown to turkey day begin!

I love the idea of looking dressed up yet feeling comfortable. I don’t enjoy wearing anything remotely tight fitting if I know I will be indulging. Hence, how great this knit dress is as an option for Thanksgiving dinner. I love the contrast between the colour of the dress and the shoes, it’s the perfect pop of colour for the fall. Makeup wise, I feel a lightly dusted bronzed face and a winged liner will be your best match. Lips can go either way, nude or berry , both will be great options.

A more casual option, outfit number two also incorporates one of the biggest trends right now, duster coats. I personally love the colour pallet with this outfit as it has earth tones yet we aren’t afraid to use a light sleeveless duster coat to tie in the outfit. Gone are the days of being afraid to use white and off whites after “labour day”. To add a little spunk and sparkle, I decided to go with a spike bracelet and shimmer shadows.


Of course it wouldn’t be an amodachic post without something black. I love circle / scuba skirts and find myself resorting to them often. This gorgeous layered black circle skirt paired with this lace top looks put together without much effort. I’m loving the rich warm colours for the fall and the touch of sparkle with the headband. To add colour, I went two ways. One with the loafers (which are comfy, cute and add a little bit of a masculine touch to such a feminine outfit) and with the bright blue eyeliner. I’d say winged or on the waterline, indifferent as long as it’s there for the pop of colour. To avoid any further competition with the outfit, I decided on a brown lipstick to tie in the top.

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Five Finds: Fall Jackets

And just like that, summer slipped through our fingers once again. I feel as though us Canadians get short changed when it comes to summer but luckily for us we get to experience the lovely season of fall. It’s a fashion lovers paradise and it keeps us sane before old man winter comes creeping by. What gets me excited for fall are none other than jackets. They become a fashion piece as opposed to an item that is solely used to keep us warm. They become statement pieces and are practically the star of the show. Today we share five of our favourite fall jackets. Enjoy meninas and remember stay chic.



1. This gorgeous Fitted Jacket is from H&M in khaki green for $59.99
2. Beautiful fit blazer in the colour stone from Topshop, $280.00
3. It wouldn’t be an amodachic segment without a classic black jacket, H&M $69.99
4. A unique twist on a classic parka, for $80.00
5. This Tahari Bell Sleeve coat is now on sale at Thebay for $72.00

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Colour Of The Year- Marsala

Pantone’s colour of the year “Marsala” was a huge change in gears compared to Pantone’s colour choices for the the last six years. We’ve been presented with gorgeous, beautiful  and vibrant colours from radiant orchid (2014- one of my favourites) and 2011’s Honeysuckle.


It was a change for the best and perhaps a way to incorporate warm tones throughout the whole year since we were able to sport neons and other bright colours in the fall and winter for quite some time. It was time to change the trend around.

Marsala (which may sound familiar as it’s the name of an Italian dessert wine that sports amber and brown tones) has been described as “equally appealing to both men and women” and “one that works well with many skin tones”.

Marsala is going to be a fun and versatile colour to work with this year whether it’s in our homes, through our fashion choices or in our beauty products. The rich undertones the colour possesses and overall earthy feel,  Marsala will leave her mark whether she is used as an accent colour or the main star of the night.


We’ve been seeing Marsala making her way into 2015 long before hand- especially in the beauty community with lipstick trends. It’s become a great pop of colour that looks natural and again, it’s tones work well with everybody which is a plus.

We have a full year ahead of us to incorporate (if we haven’t already) Marsala in any way that we can. So, here at amodachic, we decided to keep the inspiration rolling. We’ll have a few posts coming up featuring “I am MARSALA” – home, beauty and fashion. We hope you’ll be inspired and use Marsala in any way you can.

So ladies and gents, what are your thoughts on Marsala? Is this a Yay or Nay in your books?

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Beadles Bracelets and Fluttering Fighters Collaboration

I had the pleasure of watching and being a part of the Beadles Bracelets growth. What once was a start-up bracelet company that had limited options and was mainly targeted to our circle of friends, is now “in demand” within three major countries: Canada, Portugal and the US.

The brand has expanded from just bracelets to necklaces, earrings, rosaries and more. All products are individually handmade and offer you the luxury of customizing any piece to your own desire. When Leanne and I sat down to forecast our future fundraising tactics, we immediately thought of collaborating with Beadles. We not only wanted a brand that reflected ourselves (young, passionate and determined) but a brand that would create a delicate unique piece that reflects the Fluttering Fighters mission.

Beadles has worked with numerous charities, organizations, foundations and galas in the past and present. Her continued support to the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation two years in a row and her vendor tables at charity galas such as the Princess Margaret gala, have earned her, her crown in giving back to the community.

“The Fighter” was designed with the vision of having every woman proudly wear it. Handmade with hematite stones, Egyptian crystal shambalah and silver plated pendants, our piece can be purchased for just $20.00.
photo imageProceeds of each bracelet sold will be going to the Fluttering Fighters group in support of Thyroid Cancer Canada. We couldn’t imagine a more perfect fit for your wrist!

Please feel free to contact myself and Leanne at to place your order. Or leave a comment in the blog post or on our Facebook page.

We appreciate all of your continued support and a big thank you to Amanda for taking the time to create a beautiful piece for us.

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