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We Love Copper

Within the last year and a bit, I’ve been leaning towards industrial metal chic pieces- who hasn’t? I remember when I was a wee little girl and seeing my mom use copper sauce pans to warm up milk for hot chocolates or use copper tins as planters to set on the window ledge. I always thought they were beautiful and it may due to my obsession with rose gold. If you really think about it, copper and rose gold look like sisters.

I think we’ve all been enjoying the fuss over metals and it’s true rustic form. Something about it makes a home feel real and less cookie cutter. It adds personality and a strong one at that. Today I share some of my favourite chic copper pieces that I think any home can benefit from.


So chic meninas, what’s your favourite metal to decorate the house with? Are you opposed to this trend and pass on the idea? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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Our Favourite Indoor Planters

Happy Hump Day ladies and gents. I’ve been getting over a lingering migraine which has resulted in limiting my interaction with electronics, computer screens, you name it. I’ve finally been feeling myself again and decided to kick off the blog week with something fresh. Today I wanted to chat and share some of my favourite indoor planters. I’m thrilled that there has been a push with interior trends lately on getting people to go back to the 90’s when 7ft tall plants were a thing. I absolutely love greenery in the home and office!

1. Gorgeous Brass Geometric Hanging Planter from Nifty Neat , $28.64

Brass geometric shape, hanging planter, hanging air plant, gold hanging terrarium, geometric mobile, with free air plant

This gorgeous piece is perfect for ANY room in the home and can compliment many different types of spaces. I love how chic it looks with its brass and geometric detailing.

2. Air Plant Cube in Aqua and Wood from Sea and Asters, $40.72

Geometric Air Plant Cube Planter // Aqua + Wood Colorblock
Looking to slowly add greenery to your space? Want a low maintenance plant without the hassle? This is the perfect piece if so. I love the wood and aqua combo and how cute in size this is. It makes a great decorative piece for the coffee table, desk or night table.

3. Umbra Trigg Wall Planter from Urban Outfitters, $30.00

Okay, I think it is safe to say that we have officially established a theme of some sort. Geometric. Skip the art work and picture frames and opt for a wall planter. A great option for the family or living room.

4. Nude Leather Hanging Planter from Amulettes , $57.83

Hanging planter nude leather, ceiling planter, plant hanger, vegetable tanned leather including white ceramic pot (without plant)

Love the play on textures with this piece. If you are looking for something more traditional and less geometric, this would be your gal.

So ladies and gents, what do you think of growing plants indoors? Too much of a mess? Love the idea so much that it looks like you live in a jungle? Let us know!

Stay chic meninas, xo

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Summer Home Decor Pieces

I have an aunt who completely changes the look of her living space with the seasons. I applaud her for her ambition and being able to have the patience to do that. She not only changes out her decorative pieces but even rearranges furniture and hangs new drapes. Some of us however, are unable or unwilling to take on such a task yet we still want to create a new feel for our space. Today we share how you can change up a few pieces in your home to have it feeling summer fresh. Happy Wednesday!

Hanging Planter















With little effort, a hanging plant will add that attention you are looking for in your space. Nothing like a touch of nature to add some summer love to the room.

Colourful Tiles











How gorgeous are these Mexican tribal tile coasters? They will add a perfect touch of colour to a coffee table or kitchen space. Also opt for choosing larger tiles and leaning them against shelves in your home and a DIY wall piece.

Throw Pillows

Decorative pillows for the couch, day bed or a bench are such a cost effective solution when it comes to home decor. In our home, we keep a few different pillow options and change them up every now and then. Play around with textures, sizes, prints and patterns.













We do this in our house often, we have floral summer plates, simple Christmas platters, you name it! It’s get’s us in the spirit of things. For the summer, we like to display our printed dishware, platters and even bring out our cute water pitcher and set it on the counter.

Art is a great way to spice up your living space and it can be inexpensive! We purchase different types of frames and just purchase prints either on Etsy or Chapters.

So ladies, when the seasons are changing or the holidays are approaching, are you one to change up your home decor to reflect it? Let us know!

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8 Ways to Spice Up Your Headboard

When I decided to take on the challenge of renovating my bedroom a year ago, I knew for certain two things. 1. I desperately needed a paint job 2. I need to find a unique twist on a headboard. Luckily, I was successful in accomplishing both. What I love about getting creative with a headboard is that we can change it whenever we please and it will feel as though the room gets a facelift. Below are some unique ways on how you can spice up your headboard. Enjoy : )

Fabric Piece

I used a fabric piece as a headboard to add some boldness to my room. You can drape any print or solid fabric piece and at any height, I just chose to do it close to the ceiling to give off the impression that my ceilings are higher.

Modernist Durban Home | House and Leisure
This is a creative way to spice up the bedroom. A mirror will create an illusion that your bedroom is much larger than what it really is. I’d prefer a vintage piece and ensure that it is properly secured and mounted.

Oversize Painting
Oliver Gal "Dramatic Entrance Night" Canvas Art on HauteLook

A great way to add colour if you or create a  focal point.

Wall of Frames
Perfect for the uppers of the guest room!

Many will opt using a wall of frames on a bare space in order to fill the room up, I find that it’s a great way to add emphasis to the bed which is usually the focal point of a bedroom. It’s also an inexpensive alternative and easy to change. You can use family photos or prints.

7 Easy DIY Projects to Refresh Your Bedroom This Weekend: Paint yourself a headboard quickly!
Feeling confident with your painting skills? Paint a square that frames your bed to give it a headboard like feel. You can be more adventures and select a paint or spray with a matte finish to add some texture or opt for a design pattern such as stripes.


This year has been centered around earthy, nature like spaces and prints. A lot of green, floral prints are being used in the home and in fashion. The bamboo will not only add an earthy element but can help create a more calm and settle space.


Wood Panels
Homedit - interior design and architecture inspiration
Looking to achieve a warm rustic look for the bedroom? Try a DIY  wooden panel headboard. It’s perfect if you are looking to add warmth to your space!

So ladies and gents, what do you prefer when it comes to headboards? Do you stick to the basic


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What Does Your House Door Say About You?

I always had “a thing” for kitchens and house doors. Call me odd (which I am) but it’s just an admiration of mine. One thing I have noticed lately is the slight decline in colourful house doors. There will be the odd black, red or green doors, but never anything beyond that. Of course with anything that we do, our house door colour says a lot about us, but what exactly? The rules of Feng Shui say that the colour of our front door can impact the entire mood and energy of the home. Below is what we at amodachic were able to find! Enjoy


A classic and organized household that represents purity and virtue. Often associated with a new family in their first home. Similar to the “picket” fence association of perfection, a white door also reflects the same attributes.

simple front door | Front Door  We need to re-do our black front door, it's faded, etc. Keep that in mind when using black on the front of your home!!!

A reflection of a timeless look that doesn’t budge with trends or phases. Most will reflect power, reservation and elegance. In Feng Shui, black express water. In Feng Shui, they believe if your house door faces north and is painted black that it will strengthen the energy of the home in a positive manner.

this website had tons of great ideas on how to turn builder grade materials into custom, cheap and easy too.

A colour of the boldness and love. A lot of people say that painting your door red means your home is filled with passion, love, and positive energy. In Feng Shui, the colour red is represented with prosperity and abundance.

Oh how I will have a cheery golden yellow door before the snow flies.  My color will be SW Cut the Mustard-HAHA, makes me laugh every time).

The reflection of a free spirit home that embraces and is filled with wisdom, confidence and humour. A household that is warm, enjoys laughing and is filled with spontaneous individuals. A more fun colour compared to the three colours we mentioned above. Yellow doors don’t want to be taken seriously.

Apple Slice Green Front Door (and how-to). And we've got the Barn Stars! Here's a link:

All shades of green represent growth and fertility. Think of nature. A green door represents a house that cares about their family, neighbours and are typically traditional in their values. The darker the hue of green, the more association it has to money and wealth.

summer project inspirations with modern masters, curb appeal, dining room ideas, foyer, gardening, home decor, painted furniture

Blue doors suggest that the household has a strong sense of loyalty, trust and faith. Feng Shui suggests that blue is a direct representation of water and abundance. The darker the blue the more peace and amity the house will experience.

So ladies and gents, if you had your choice in choosing a brand new colour for your house door, what would it be?

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