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blogpodium_amodachicIt’s 6:15am and my alarm is going off like a dozen of fire trucks and although I usually cringe that I don’t have an extra 20 minutes of sleep, this time I couldn’t wait for the odd and annoying alarm to sound. Any other Saturday this would have seemed like a chore to wake up this early, but this was different, I was on a mission. A mission to network, seek out fellow bloggers and attain more knowledge of the blogosphere.

Arriving at 8:00am sharp at the Fairmount Royal York hotel in Toronto, I was greeted with a sweet ambiance of what soon turned into the tone of the overall conference. Numerous of sponsors filled the space of the upper floor hallway with eager bloggers ready to start their day. The sponsors may have all differed in services and products, but equally shared exceptional set ups that made us bloggers wonder which one should we go visit first?

blogpodium_centrepieces donnawilliamsI was rather impressed with the overall conference. It was well organized and had a welcoming ambiance. Everyone was friendly and willing to feed off each other- whether they were a blogger or an industry folk.

I particularly loved the set up of having sponsors mingled around in both the main hallway and the main banquet. Many of the sponsors had well decorated and styled sections and very friendly associates to represent their brand. They all provided great information on their respective companies and had unique and engaging contests for the attendees.

urbanbarn_styling cardtree minted_cardtreeMany of the speakers were extremely knowledgeable, informative and honest with what they had to share with us fellow bloggers. I loved how there were numerous speakers from “the other side” – aka PR and brand representatives. It was nice to know what they want to see from blogs and the actual truth of what goes on when scouting a potential blogger.

keynotespeakers ooak_workshop (2) ooak_workshop myooakmantra

Of course like any event/conference you’ll always have your “favourite” presentations that stuck out and made a difference while others may have not had the same impact- which understandable and normal. I will not hesitate to attend BlogPodium next year. I want to kindly thank the BlogPodium team for hosting and executing a great conference that brings light and hope to starting out bloggers as well as strength to blog veterans. If you are a home decor, lifestyle, interior designing or even beauty/fashion blogger- please consider joining us next year for a great 1 day event. Until next year BP!


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