A– article: “The” in Portuguese
Moda– noun: A term to describe style, fashion and one who is trendy in Portuguese
Chic– adj: One who is attractive, fashionable and stylish.

A-Moda-Chic is a reflection of interests that capture the attention of the day to day woman. We focus on topics that are centered on Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty and Decor. We cater to women who have a wider sense of interests and love an opinion that bites.

“We are a blog that loves to cater to all the beautiful facets of life- it allows us to never feel bored or generic.”

About the Author:
Twenty-something year old Amanda Da Silva (founder and author) has no issue speaking about her blog and herself as two separate entities. “I tend to say we a lot when I speak about my blog and I because we truly are two different identities”. *laughs*. Currently working as an advertising professional in the digital advertising world, Amanda decided to use blogging as an outlet to      express her inner creativity and passion for writing.
Portrait-5933At times referring to herself as “Moon Child”, Amanda’s main interests and hobbies are  a perfect blend of odd and ordinary which makes her a great topic hunter. “I love cats, felines… I  feel as though I am a cat *meow.* no but seriously, I love to cook, bake, eat, blog, snowboard, play soccer , exercise and Youtube world issues and conspiracy theories. ”

Amanda considers herself to be a “people person” who can easily stir up a conversation with just about anyone on anything. ” I love reading comments, it helps us bloggers know what is working and what is not. Unless you are degrading someone, there is NOTHING wrong with constructive criticism and feedback- I embrace it all.”

Overall, I am here to build a community that not only focuses on the beautiful facets of life, but a community where we as women empower each other to be better and do better.

Hope you’ll enjoy the ride, I know I will 😉


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  2. Allen santos

    Love the name and way to keep your portuguese nationality apart of your blog, this may not be for guys but ill keep following in till it gets to girly lol, keep up the good work !!!!


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